Photography books:
Jazz Katz The Sound of New York (Padova Jazz Festival, 2014)

Francis Wolff and Jimmy Katz Blue Note Photography (JazzPrezzo, 2009)

World of Wonders (powerhouse Books, 2009)

The Cat With the Hat (JazzPrezzo, 2008)

Jazz in New York by Jimmy Katz (JazzPrezzo, 2007)

Salt Dreams (powerhouse Books, 2006)

Houston Museum of Fine Arts, Permanent collection Jewish Museum, Berlin, Germany, "It must schwing. Blue Note - Photographs of Francis Wolff and Jimmy Katz" - October 2009 - February 2010, Permanent collection Islip Art Museum, New York, Wit On Wry, Group Show, 2007-2008

Solo Shows (selected exhibitions):

Palazzo Moroni, Padova, Italy 2014

North Sea Jazz Festival, Artist-in Residence, Rotterdam, Holland 2014

PDNB Gallery, Dallas, Texas 2010
Hamilton Art Gallery, Hamilton, Canada 2008
Steiner Gallery, Vienna, Austria 2008
Peer Gallery (now Michael Mazzeo Gallery), Chelsea, New York 2006
The Sheldon Gallery, St. Louis, Mo. 1999
Konica Plaza, Tokyo, Japan 1997

Selected articles and Reviews
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New York Times, Book Review "Shooting the Freaks" by Jennifer Balderama August 14th, 2009
New York Times, "Showcase: Riffing in Black and White" by Daniel J.Wakin August, 2009
De Spiegel, Review July 2009
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The Daily Beast, Review World of Wonders, 2009
New York Times, "Humor, With a Serious Edge After All" by Benjamin Genocchio December, 2007
New York Times, Review by Grace Glueck July 14th, 2006
De Spiegel, Review November, 2007
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Youth Vision Magazine, China, Interview November, 2006
Library Journal, Review June, 2006
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Forbes Life, Full Page Feature April/May 2006
Marie Claire Italy, 8-page portfolio/Feature May 2006

Jimmy Katz, Award for Excellence in Photography by the Jazz Journalists Association, 2006 and 2011

Jimmy Katz, born in New York City, received his B.A. in political science and studied photography with John McKee at Bowdoin College. Dena Katz, born in Moscow, received her B.A. from the Maurice Terez Institute of Foreign Languages, and pursued her postgraduate East Asian Studies at Columbia University.

The Katzes have been collaborating on photographic projects in New York City in the music field since 1991, and have done over 500 recording projects and 175 magazine covers. Their fine art color photography projects "Salt Dreams" and "World of Wonders" explore American sub-cultures and eccentricities.